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Welcome to the Archive Section. While the rest of The Borderland is primarily devoted to music the Archive will cover my interest in science fiction, speculative, horror and fantasy fiction - in terms of fiction, graphics movies and books [though book reviews will share the BookWatch section]. Material placed here will be partly original but there will be reprints from my previous sci-fi/horror zine, Flickers 'n' Frames.


Home For the Winter - Albert J. Manachino
Bowman's Hat - Albert J. Manachino
Death En Camera - Albert J. Manachino
Dreadful Bargain - Albert J. Manachino
Eugenia & the Necronomicon
- Albert J. Manachino
Geppetto's Children - Albert J. Manachino
Lonely Road - Albert J. Manachino
The Curse of Charlotte Dexter Ford - Albert J. Manachino
The Game of Burke and Hare - Albert J. Manachino
The Last Automobile - Uncle River
The Oblong Box - Albert J. Manachino
Upper Crust - Albert J. Manachino


Collection of sci-fi, horror & Fantasy artwork. [NB: Download times for the following pages might be slightly longer due to the larger graphics file sizes]

Fantasy Art Gallery #1 - Dallas Goffin, Alan Hunter, Dreyfus, Kerry Earl, Steve Lines.
Blue Cosmos Fractal Gallery - A selection of 10 mind blowing fractal images generated here at The Borderland.


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