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My eternal thanks go to the following for supplying the music: Ann & team @ Braithwaite & Katz, Artemiy @ Electroshock Records, Dagobert @ Ozella Music, Dave @ Neu Harmony/SMD, Ed & Stacey @ LAZZ Promotions, Ginny @ Mixed Media, Kari @ Kari-On Productions, Mike & Argo Press, Richard @ Karda Estra, Ruthe & Randall @ The Creative Service Company, and to all the individual musicians who have sent in their music themselves.

Welcome to The Borderland.

I realised recently that The Borderland has become a teenager and reached its 14th year of existence. In internet terms I guess that makes us middle-aged and the wrinkles are starting to show! When I started this project it was supposed to be simply a hobby website covering my interests of sci-fi/fantasy writing, books, movies and music. Over the years the music side of things has come to dominate matters - not necessarilly by my choice but by the very kind musicians and the publicity agents who somehow stumbled across the site and began to send me their albums for review.

It is now over ten years since I started The Borderland and the way we obtain our music has changed out of all recognition. I'm sure that to many young music fans these changes have been for the better, but it has been very sad to see the number of record shops shrink alarmingly - especially in the last few years. Here in Plymouth we just have an HMV and perhaps a couple of tiny specialist shops tucked away in back streets. I can't think of a more enjoyable experience than spending an afternoon going through the CD racks of a record shop. And no, kids, the supermarket doesn't count! Whatever you may think, you can't hold an inlay booklet or scan an album cover when listening to an MP3 file. I still like to have the CD case or vinyl cover in my hand when listening to music.

When I was a lad I read Melody Maker, Disc and New Musical Express to get our fix of pop and rock news. Sadly the first two titles are long gone and NME is a shadow of its former self. For music news and reviews we now look to the web and its offshoots for the latest, yet as the 'age of celebrity' takes over the real musician [of any stripe] has few outlets to publicise their music. I've found that by default The Borderland has become just such an outlet for informing music lovers of the interesting and individualistic music available outside of the commercial norm. So here you will find music not stocked by many [or any] UK music high street retailers - Jazz in any flavour you like, New Age [ditto] and experimental music that rarely fits into any niche. The albums you'll find listed here are are all worthy of exploration - most can only be bought direct from the musicians themselves, either through mail order or on-line ordering retailers Like Amazon,, CDBaby, and of course iTunes. Whichever musician it is you can be sure that your support for their music will be much appreciated.

A BIG thank you to all the musicians and the promotional agencies who have submitted music to the Borderland. Oh, and by the way, when ordering direct from the musicians please tell them you have been referred by The Borderland! Thanks.

The rest of this site is taken up by my other interests of movies and books, and the material covered here can be taken at face value - I'm happy to realise that other people won't have the same opinions about what I've written about. Other sections cover a range or articles by a variety of people, some reviews of tape releases and small press zines - oh, and there are a couple of art galleries for you to explore. And finally, I have devoted a section of this website to the fantasy writings of a good friend of mine, Albert J Manachino. Al writes some of the weirdest and funniest fantasy stories you are ever likely to read and there is an archive of his fiction waiting for your attention. Please give them a try - simply open a story and save it to your hard drive and read it offline. Al also has a new novel worth investigating, so click on the banners for The Box Hunters and sample it.

The Borderland has grown since it started in 1999, there are now over 60 pages for you to explore and many different areas to visit. Feedback is always important, so please use the email address - I'd love to hear from you.

The 'Techie Bit' - please note the following when viewing this site:

To keep download times minimal, this site contains no sound files, no video clips, streaming multimedia or large graphics files and suchlike. Hopefully what elements make up each page should download quickly and allow you to access the site almost immediately. However, as this is an ongoing project at designing and creating a practical web site please allow some leeway for abnormalities. If anything really doesn't work please let me know via the e-mail address listed at the top of the page.


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