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2002 - Damayanti, Deep Still Blue, Believe
3ology With Ron Miles - 3ology With Ron Miles
9Muses -
Feel To Heal
Abraham/Clements/Tallander -
Between Stops

AcidFuck - Songs of the Succulent Beatnik
Acoustic Ocean - Light Returning, Reflections On Still Water, Chimes Of The Spirit
Beegie Adair & The Jeff Steinberg Orchestra
- An Affair To Remember
Paul Adams - Further Explorations for the Dreaming Flute
Adiemus - The Journey, Adiemus IV: The Eternal Knot
Lis Addison - The Grace of the Green Leaf, Crown In The Sky
The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
Kees Aerts - Slices Of Time
Ahn Trio - Lullaby For My Favourite Insomniac
- Attrition System, Fjord Transit, Impossible Geometries, Europa, Thunderhead, Quark Soup, TranceAtlantic
Omar Akram - Secret Journey
Albion Band, The - An Evening With...
Pete Alderton - Living On Love
Aimée Allen - Winters & Mays
Alt Tal -
Open The Gates

Joe Alterman - Give Me The Simple Life
Amon Duul II
- Once Upon A Time: Best Of 1969-1999
Anewday - Summer Reflections
Dave Anderson & Mike Wingo -
Mike Andrews
- Time & Science
Jeff Antoniuk & The Jazz Update - Brotherhood
...And Love Rages On!
- Future Wreck, Gather Darkness, 33-1/3
Bob Ardern - Wires Rosewood & Roots
David Arkenstone & Charlee Brooks - Lovéren
- Continuum, Gravity Rejection
Mike Arroyo -
Artemiy Artemiev
- Cold, Five Mystery Tales of Asia, Forgotten Themes, Mysticism of Sound, Point of Intersection, The Warning, Time, Desert & a Sound
Artemiy Artemiev & Christopher De Laurenti - 57 Minutes to Silence
Artemiy Artemiev & Peter Frohmader
- Space Icon, Transfiguration
Artemiy Artemiev & Karda Estra - Equilibrium
Artemiy Artemiev & Phillip B Klingler
- Dreams in Moving Space, A Moment Of Infinity
Edward Artemiev
- A Book of Impressions, The Odyssey, Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker, Three Odes, So Weit Die Fusse Tragen [As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me], Shadows Of A Theatre, Invitation To Reminiscences, Mood Pictures, Connecting Spaces: Concert Tour in Siberia
P.I. Tchaikovskiy/Edward Artemiev - The Nutcracker & The Rat King
Steve Arvey - Soul Of A Man
Asana - Shrine, Trikuti
Asgeir & Mo - Danza De Andalucia
The Atlantics
- Point Zero
Scott August - Lost Canyons, Radiant Sky, Hidden Journey

Bobby Avey -
A New Face
Paul Avgerinos
- Phos Hilaron, Gnosis, Love, Law of Attraction, Bliss, Lovers

Roberto Badoglio - Re-evaluation Time
Margie Baker & Friends
- Live At the Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society, Live At Rassalas
Jeff Ball - Songs Of Winter, The Shape Of Light
Bill Barner - Ten Tunes
Lisa Marie Barratta -
Summertime Jazz
Pat Battstone & Richard Poole -
Mystic Nights
Chris Bauer -
In A Yuletide Groove
The Beach Boys
- The Best of the Beach Boys 1970-1986: The Brother Years
Beat Daddys, The - 5 Moons
Joe Beck, Santi Dibriano & Thierry Arpino
- Tri07
Joe Beck & John Abercrombie - Coincidence
Joe Beck & Laura Theodore - Golden Earrings
Rob Beckinsale - The Year I Forgot Who I Was, Small Boy In A Room Of Broken Toys/In The Spirit Of Enchantment, Unreliable Witness
Tim Bedner - Of Light & Shadow
- Ridgeriders
Jamie Begian Big Band - Big Fat Grin
Hennie Bekker -
Lisa Bell
- It's All About Love
Shawn Bell Quartet - Things Yet Unknown
Sylvia Bennett - Smile
Mili Bermejo -
Love Songs Of The Americas
The Beverly Hillbillies - The Beverly Hillbillies
Bidoche Musique - Mysteries of the World
Big Brother & the Holding Company - Do What You Love
Big City Indians - TUWA
Big Crazy Energy New York Band - Inspirations Vol 1
Ran Blake / Christine Correa
- Out Of The Shadows
Richard Blake -
Plays Midtown At Midnight
Dan Blanchard - Awakening Raga Bhairav
Tyler Blanton -
Lawrence Blatt -
Fibonacci's Dream, The Colour Of Sunshine
Dan Block - Plays the Music of Duke Ellington: From His World To Mine,
Blondie - Greatest Hits: Sound & Vision
B÷hm, Dagobert - Sounds For A Blue Planet, Morning Flight, Circle Around, String Unit, Acoustic Unit,
Richard Bone - Indium
Anna Borge & Bill Ward -
Receita de Samba
Alexei Borisov -
A Polished Surface of a Table
Ramona Borthwick
- A New Leaf
Christopher Boscole - Presents Of Angels, Inner Voyages, Floating on a Melody
Todd Boston -
Touched By The Sun
David Boswell
- Bridge Of Art
Steve Bowe - Soundscapes
Robert Branch -
Courage To Be
Breakaway - Hold With Hope
Kaylé Brecher - Spirals & Lines
Billy Bremner
- A Good Week's Work
Spencer Brewer - Cinematic
Heidi Anne Breyer
- Another Place & Time
Heidi Breyer - Beyond The Turning
The Britton Brothers Band - Uncertain Living
Sarah Brooks & Graceful Soul
- Under The Bones Of The Great Whale
Paquito D'Rivera Presents Alex Brown Pianist
Chuck Brown
- Breathe
Pete Brown & The Interoceters - Live
Bruce & Lisa - Gifts Of Love
Mark Bruland - Beeing Human
Bryan & The Haggards -
Still Alive And Kickin' Down The Walls
Craig Buhler -
Greg Burk & Vicente Lebron -
John Butler
- Worthless Bastard Rock
Frank Butrey - Malicious Delicious
Eric Byrd Trio + 4
- Brother Ray
David Byrne - Look into the Eyeball

Steven C - Heart Strings, On Christmas Night, Spiritual Piano
David Caceres - David Caceres
Roger Cairns -
Roger Cairns & Gary Fukushima
- The Dream Of Olwen
Carter Calvert & the Roger Cohen Trio
Masha Campagne - Like Water, Like Air
Canned Heat - Live In Oz
Javi Canovas - Light Echoes
Annette Cantor - Songs To The Earth, Goddess
Mindy Canter -
Fluteus Maximus
Frank Carlberg
- Tivoli Trio, Uncivilized Ruminations
Carnival Band, The
- Hoi Polloi
Kori Linae Carothers - Trillium
Brian Carpenter's Ghost Train Orchestra -
Hothouse Stomp: The Music of the 1920s Chicago and Harlem
Paul Carr - Musically Yours
Tim Carey - Room 114
Rosanne Cash
- Rules of Travel
Sharel Cassity - Just For You
Paz Del Castillo - Eleven Drops
Tom Chapin
- In The City of Mercy
Mary Chapin Carpenter - Time*Sex*Love
Roger Chapman - Riff Burglars
Pete Castle - The Jenny & The Frame & The Mule
Tom Caufield - The Slow Dance of Time
Victor Cerullo -
Greg Chako - Everybody's Got A Name
Ray Charles
- The Definitive Ray Charles
Catherine Marie Charlton - Red Leaf, Grey Sky, River Flow - Sanctuary
Cheb Mami
- Meli Meli
Children, The - Play
Chocolate Butterfly - Chocolate Butterfly
Bill Chrastil - Bill Chrastil
Suzanne Ciani - Silver Ship
Clatworthy, Colangelo, Doyle - The Decider
Mike Clinco - Neon
Clover Leaf
- Bump Together, Harddance
Kevin Coelho - Funkengruven: The Joy Of Driving A B3
Louis Colaiannia
- A Moment Between Eternities, Keys Of Christmas
Mac Collehon - La Fama
Romain Collin -
The Calling
J.C.Combs -
Safe Passage
Come Down - Sender
Conduit Trio, The - Beyond Liquid Glass
Conspiracy, The
- Sword of Damocles
Shawn Costantino - Waltz For Anne
Al Conti - Scheherazade, Northern Seas
Jessie Allen Cooper - Sound Travels, Pacific Lounge
Timothy Cooper
- Light on the Water, East Wind
Chris Cortez - Hold It Right There, Mum Is The Word, Aunt Nasty
Roxy Coss - Roxy Coss
Mike Cottone - Just Remembered
George Cotsirilos Trio
- Past Present
Jeff Covell & Ed Fiorenza -
Thin Air Tango
Shirley Crabbe -
Timothy Crane
- Dragonfly, Pianoforte
Robert Crenshaw
- Victory Songs
Natalie Cressman & Secret Garden - Unfolding
Jamie Craig -
The Last Dream, Illumination
Rick Cutler - First Melancholy, Then The Night Stretch


DAC Crowell - 04-83
Dac Crowell/Kurt Doles - No Title
Micky Cruz - Dulces Recuerdos
Curved Air - Alive 1990
Chris Daniels & The Kings & Friends
- The Spark
Darlin' & Rose - Tomorrow, Yesterday, Darlin' & Rose
Henry Darragh - Tell Her For Me
Ekendra Das & World Radio 108 -
Eric & Susan Davis
- Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep: An Album of Classical Lullabies
Jenny Davis - Inside You
The Billie Davies Trio - All About Love
Davol -
Good Sign, Open Book / A Day Like No Other,
Dennis Day
- All Things In Time
Carlo De Lorenzi -
Four Seasons In One Recess
Roderik De Man -
Electrified Music
Michael de Salem
- Something Getting Wrong
Jacob Deacon -
Dead Cat Bounce -
Chance Episodes
Elton Dean & Mark Hewins
- Bar Torque
Michael Dease - Clarity
Graham Dechter -
Takin' It There
Deep Purple & Orchestra of the Light Music Society
- Gemini Suite Live
Michael Brant DeMaria - Siyotanka, Ocean, Gaia, Bindu, The Maiden Of Stonehenge
- Work In Progress Live
Gary Dibenedetto - Twin Towers
Frank DiBussolo
- Average White Cats
Claire Dickson -
Scattin' Doll
Lisa Downing -
A Delicate Balance, Christmas For Two
Keith Driskill -
A Time Of Innocence
Frank D'Rone -
Double Exposure

- Spiritual Battle
Rick Drumm And Fatty Necroses - Return From The Unknown
Dual Rhythm -
Big Band
Roberta Duchak -
Michael Dulin -
Timeless II, These Are The Moments: The Music Of Michael Dulin 2002 - 2012

Mark Dunn - Return To Peace
Louis Durra - The Best Of All Possible Worlds, Rocket Science
- Humana

Yelena Eckemoff - Forget-Me-Not
Brenda Earle -
Songs For A New Day

Herb Eimerman - Just Barely Famous
Either/Orchestra - Mood Music For Time Travellers

El Niño Muchaca - Searching Your South/Buscando Tu Sur
Ken Elkinson - Cue, Link, Music For Commuting Volumes 1-6
Duke Ellington Legacy -
Single Petal Of A Rose
Paul Ellis
- Appears To Vanish
Marc Enfroy - Unconditional, Dreams Of The Forest
Eric Erhardt - A Better Fate
Erika -
Gene Ess -
Modes Of Limited Transcendence, A Thousand Summers
Jose Luis Serrano Esteban -
A New Horizon [Special Edition]
Anna Estrada
- So˝ando Vuelos, Obsesión, Volando,
Falkner Evans - Arc, The Point of The Moon

Lynn Yew Evers - Dawn Of Peace
- Politics Can Be Fun Vol 1

Janice Faber - Carried Away
Fabian Zone Trio - The Masters Return!, Keys In Ascension
Fado em Si Bemol - QB
Fairport Convention
- Live at Broughton Castle
Family - A Song For Me; Anyway...; Fearless; Bandstand; It's Only A Movie; Family Live
Fantasyy Factoryy - Tales To Tell
Fattigfolket - Park
Feast of Fiddles
- FoF Live '01
F.E.D. - Awakening
John Fedchock NY Sextet
- Live At The Red Sea Jazz Festival 
Michael Feinberg -
With Many Hands, The Elvin Jones Project
Fernandez&Wright - Unsung
Fez Dispenser
- Fez Dispenser
Matt Finley - Brazilian Wish
Jeffrey Fisher
- Fairy Tales: Music from the Ballet “Hans Christian Anderson", Triumph of the Spirit, Satyagraha
Jaunita Fleming - Redeemed! Blessed Be Your Name
Anna Maria Fletchero - Within The Fourteenth Hour
John Fluker
- The Sound Of Peace, Star Eyes
F.O.B. - Forgetting Ain't Easy
Bill Foreman - Building St. Petersburg, Seventeen Miles Past Indio, Chevy w/ Balding Tires, Poison Against Poison: Recordings 1990-2003
Lisa Forkish - Bridges
Olivia Fosch -
Perennial Dreamer
Mark Fox
- On The Path
Fourthought - Fourthought
Fra Fra Sound -
Dya So
Nyle Frank
- Scenes From the Old Quarter
Fred Fried & Core - Core 3.0, EnCore
Peter Frohmader - 2001, Advanced Alchemy of Music
Jake Fryer/Bud Shank Quintet - In Good Company
Curtis Fuller - I Will Tell Her, Down Home
Elin Furubotn
- Heilt Nye Vei

Jackson Garrett - Speechless, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Karen Marie Garrett
- It’s About The Rose
Matt Garrison - Familiar Places
Gato Libre -
- Anthology
Gedankent.Raum - The Very Best of...
Uli Geissendoerfer - Colors
Maximilian Geller
- Alpenglühen
Ghoak - Some Are Weird
Gerry Gibbs & The Thrasher Big Band - Live At Luna
Gerry Gibbs & The Electric Thrasher Orchestra - Play The Music Of Miles Davis 1967 - 1975
Michael William Gilbert -
I Can See From Here
Marshall Gilkes -
Sound Stories
Joe Gilman -
Gordon Giltrap
- Fear of the Dark, Perilous Journey, Visionary
The Glennious Inner Planet - The Glennious Inner Planet
Glimmer Room, The
- Grey Mirrors, Tomorrow's Tuesday, 2 Up 2 Down, Now We Are Six, Home Without The Journey, I Remain, A Diary Of Occurrences, The Wind Blows Summer From The Trees
Nicki Gonzalez - Moron Love
Chris Graham Trio -
After-Birth Of Cool
Randy Granger
- A Place Called Peace
Danny Green -
A Thousand Ways Home
Dave Greenslade
- Going South
Greenslade - Large Afternoon
Ken Greves - The Face Of My Love
Uwe Gronau -
Midsummer, Time Rider, Visions
Grundmann & Rissmann
- Session 1982
Grundman, Gnomusy, Joaquin Taboada & Eduardo Laguillo - eMotive
Grupo Falso Baiano -
Simplicidade: Live At Yoshi's
Katie Guthorn -
Why Not Smile

Lua Hadar with Twist - Lua Hadar with Twist, Like A Bridge
Tim Hagans - The Moon Is Waiting
Gerard Hagen Trio -
Song For Leslie
Tianna Hall -
Never Let Me Go
Tianna Hall & the Mexico City Jazz Trio -
Two For The Road
Jill Haley -
Zion & Bryce Canyon Soundscapes
Rich Halley 4
- Back From Beyond
Rich Halley Quartet -
Live At The Penofin Jazz Festival, Requiem For A Pit Viper
Rich Halley, Dan Raphael, Carson Halley
- Children of the Blue Supermarket
Steven Halpern -
Deep Alpha
Jeff Hamilton Trio -
Red Sparkle
Hands On Strings
- Offroad
The Harris Group - Choices
Laura Harrison -
Cynthia Hart - Let Me Make Music In Your Life
Atsuko Hashimoto - ...Until The Sun Comes Up
Ken Hatfield Sextet - For Langston
Fiona Joy Hawkins - Christmas Joy
- Anthology 1967-1982, EpochEclipse: The Ultimate Best Of
Jimi Hendrix - Blues
Ken Hensley - Running Blind, A Glimpse Of Glory
Sylvia Herold & The Rhythm Bugs - The Spider & The Fly
Fred Hersch Trio -
Alive At The Vanguard

Russ Hewitt
- Bajo El Sol, Alma Vieja
Mace Hibbard - Time Gone By
High Fiddelity -
Tell Me!
- The Triumph of Death
Lisa Hilton - Twilight & Blues, Nuance, Underground, American Impressions
Pamela Hines - New Christmas, 3.2.1
Pamela Hines Trio with April Hall -
Lucky's Boy

David Hoffman - Calmness of Spirit
Deborah Holland
- The Book of Survival
Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra - Swinging The Blues Dancing The Ska
Hollydrift - Hail The Frozen North
Jeff Holmes Quartet - Of One's Own
John L Holmes Y Los Amigos -
The Holmes Stretch
Ellen Honert - Breath Of The Soul, Hummingville
Hook The Captain
- Temple (Promo EP)
Justin Horn - Hornology
Jim Hudak
- Bridging Textures, Embracing Winter
Ciro Hurtado - Guitarrista, Los Angeles Blues
Ashley Hutchings
- Along The Downs, The Guv'nor's Big Birthday Bash, 5
Jörg Hüttemann/JayAge - FantasyLine Compilation, Fantasy Line 3, 1st Touch, Second Touch


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Chie Imaizumi - A Time Of New Beginnings
Don Immel -
Long Way Home
Jon Irabagon - Foxy
Irene & Her Latin Jazz Band - Summer Samba, A Song Of You, A Hot And Spicy Christmas
Isadar - Reconstructed , O Christmas, Red
Yuko Ito -
Mania De Voce

Maria Jameau & Blue Brazil - GEMA
Whitney James
- The Nature Of Love
Toni Jannotta -
Is It Magic?
Antanas Jasenka - Deusexmachina, An Artist & a Plane, Point Circle
Jazz Folk - Jazz in the Stone Age
Jazz Punks - Smashups
Sean Jelinek -
Common Tones
Peter Jennison -
Longing For Home: Songs From War
Mary Jenson -
Samuel Jeronimo
- Redra, Andra, Endre De Fase
Jethro Tull - This Was, Stand Up, Living With The Past
Karen Johns & Company - Star And Season, Peach
Josh Johnston - The Shape Of Things
- One & One Is One, We Are Three
Jessica Jones & Mark Taylor - Live At The Freight
Derrik Jordan - Touch The Earth
Paul Joses - Gold in A Muddy River, Roadstories
The Jupiter 8 - Songs From The Engine Room Part 1, Songs From The Engine Room Part II

Asuka Kakitani Jazz Orchestra - Bloom
Kanda Bongo Man
- The Very Best Of...
Bruce Kaphan - Hybrid, Bruce Kaphan Quartet
Benji Kaplan -
Meditações no Violão
Ron Kaplan & Weber Iago
- Saloon: The Ron Kaplan & Weber Iago Album
Ron Kaplan - Lounging Around, New York
Karda Estra - A Winter in Summertime, Thirteen From the Twenty First, The Land of Ghosts, Eve, The Land Of Ghosts #2, Constellations, Voivode Dracula, Alternate History, The Age Of Science & Enlightenment, The Last of the Libertine, Weird Tales, New Worlds,
Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius & Heard - Karibu
Darrell Katz & The Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra - A Wallflower In The Amazon

Peter Kater - Light Body,
Peter Kater & Snatam Kaur - Heart Of The Universe
Kathryn Kaye -
Dreaming Still, Heavy As A Feather
Brian Kelly - Afterplay
Kenny & Leah - April In Paris / You And The Night And The Music
Chaka Khan
- I'm Every Woman: Best of...
King Chango - King Chango, The Return of El Santo
B.B. King - King Biscuit Flower Hour Records Presents B.B. King
Jim Kirkwood - Tower Of Darkness
Alison Kitchen - Mercy Dancing
Klezwoods - Oh Yeah!, The 30th Meridian: From Cairo To St. Petersburg With Love
Edgar Knecht - Good Morning Lilofee
Knoxville Jazz Orchestra - Christmas Time Is Here
Darlene Koldenhoven -
Solitary Treasures
Annie Kozuch -
Here With You
The Susan Krebs Band - Everything Must Change
Krankheit der Jugend
- Ilmanau/Bad Rappenau
Stanislav Kreitchi - Ansiana, Voices & Movement
Ernie Krivda - Blues For Pekar
John Kruth
- Last Year Was A Great Day
Kubesschnitt - The Cube, The Singularity
Gerold Kukulenz - Miles High

L'Tanya Mari' - A Teardrop Of Sun
Matthew Labarge - October
Lady K & The Kings Of Swing - Live At Blackheart
The Dave Lalama Big Band - The Hofstra Project
Brian Landrus
- Forward,
The Brian Landrus Quartet
- Traverse,
The Landrus Kaleidoscope
- Capsule
Daniel Lantz Trio - Daniel Lantz Trio Plays Bond
Christopher Lapina -
Eclectic Eve
Julie Lavender -
Never Felt The Sun
Elise Lebec - Possible Dreams
Lawrence Lebo - Don't Call Her Larry Volume 3: American Roots
Albert Lee
- That's All Right Mama
Christopher Lehman - Popjazzic
Natural Frequencies aka Andreas Leifield -
Tranquility in Motion
Dorothy Leigh -
A Second Chance, Intimate Moments
David Leonhardt Trio
- Bach To The Blues
Kevin Leonard
- Automatrix
Bill Leslie - Simple Beauty, A Midnight Clear
Alex Levin Trio - New York Portraits
Huey Lewis & The News
- Huey Lewis & The News/Picture This
Leslie Lewis & Gerard Hagen Trio - Of Two Minds, Keeper of the Flame, Midnight Sun
Michael C. Lewis - Reflection
Ann Licater - Doorway To A Dream
Dave Liebman Big Band - As Always
Helge Lien Trio -
Hello Troll, Natsukashii
Johannes Linstead - Tales Of A Gypsy
Robert Linton -
Throughout The Autumn Light
- Cantus Umbrarum
Steve Lipman - There's A Song In My Heart, Ridin' The Beat
Lives & Times
- Hoarse, There and Back Again Lane, Waiting For the Parade, The Great Sad Happy Ending
Elisabeth Lohninger - Songs of Love & Destruction
Elizabeth Lohninger Band Featuring Axel & Walter Fischbacher
- Christmas In July
The Mark Lomax Trio - The State Of Black America
Mike Longo & The New York State Of The Art Jazz Ensemble - Oasis,
Mike Longo Trio - Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee, A Celebration of Diz And Miles
Mike Longo+2 - To My Surprise
Love Sculpture - Forms & Feelings
Duda Lucena Quartet - Live
- Back On Track
Luna Blanca - El Dorado
- Florilegium
Vincent Lyn - Heaven Bound, Wing Sing

Lara MacMillan - Miss Mercury
Alexander McCabe - Quiz
Ian 'Mac' McLagan & The Bump Band - Best of British
Steven McLachlan - Gunstorm
Charly McLion - The Nature of the Universe
Laura McMillan - Linger Longer
Chris McNulty - The Song That Sings You Here
Lin McPhillips - My Shining Hour
Machine Boy - Jules, Tracking Music
David Mackenzie & Josh Johnston - Notes Home
Gunnar Madsen - Two Hands
Elika Mahony - Glimmerings
Mana Erg
- Borderliners


Donald Malloy - Spirituality
Manner Effect - Abundance
Tony Marcus -
Vanishing Point
Barbara Markay - Shambhala Dance
Mary-Kathryn - Dreams & Visions
Keefe Marzell & Vintage
- Drawn Windows
Masako - Masako
Mark Masters Ensemble featuring Gary Smulyan -
Ellington Saxophone Encounters
Roger Matura - Time Traveller, The Return of the Caveman / Auf Wiedersehen Zukunft!?, World Gone Wrong
David Mauk - Ground Swell
Lisa Maxwell -
Return To Jazz Standards
Shawn Maxwell
- Originals, Originals II
Maya & Sage - Spirit of Love
Virginia Mayhew Quartet - Mary Lou Williams: The Next 100 Years
Arturo Mayorga -
Lucid Dreams
Dmitry Mazurov -
Creature On A Lavatory Pan
Jocelyn Medina -
We Are Water
Eddie Mendenhall -
Cosine Meets Tangent
- Night Star
Mental Insect - Live at the Big Horse Lounge
Peppe Merolla - Stick With Me
Paul Meyers Quartet Featuring Frank Wess
Jeffrey Michael
- After The Storm
Kurt Michaels - Inner Worlds: Part One
Michael's Jazz Quartet - Woody-n-Me
Tomas Michaud -
Beauty & Fire
Kristine Mills -
Mirabai Ceiba -
Between The Shores Of Our Souls
Yoko Miwa Trio -
Live At Scullers Jazz Club
Shunsuke Mizuno
- Slow Time
Pierre Moerlen's Gong - Full Circle Live 1988
Tony Monaco - Celebration: Life • Love • Music
Antoinette Montague
- Pretty Blues, Behind The Smile
Marcus Monteiro Quartet - MM4
Shawnn Monteiro - To Carmen With Love
Carol Morgan Trio -
Daniel Moore
- The Giveaway
Gary Moore - The Best of the Blues
Nick Moran Trio - No Time Like Now
Dan Moretti -
Tres Muse
John Morgan & Friends
- Stories, The Journey, Capture The Night, Motionography
Don Morrell - After All These Years
Mosiac - Unsaid, Undone
Mostly Other People Do The Killing - Slippery Rock
Moultrip - Dar Cho
Mount Vernon
- All Of Us Free, We Can Look Up
Mozik - Mozik
Mr Ho's Orchestrotica -
The Unforgettable Sounds of Esquivel, Third River Rangoon
Mr Love & Justice - Homeground
Myriad 3 - Tell
Mystéfy - Me

Paul Nagle - Lore, Red Book/Blue Book
Stephanie Nakasian & The Harris Simon Trio - Show Me The Way To Get Out Of This World
Neamen -
So Free
Alva Nelson - Soul Eyes
Richard Nelson Large Ensemble - Pursuit
Nemesis - Gigaherz
Ferenc Nemeth -
- Up Late With People
Thea Neumann - Lady & The Tramps
David Nevue -
Revelation, A Delicate Joy
The New World Jazz Composers Octet - Breaking News
Lyle Newton - Light At The Edge Of Darkness
Nicholl & Farquharson - Della By Moonlight
Candice Night - Reflections
Eddie Gip Noble -
Love T.K.O. , In The Lite Of Things
M. Nomized
- L'Heritier De L'Avenir, Eight Waves; A Strange Calling; Restricted Area

The Odd Trio - Birth Of The Minotaur
Oli Guzul
- Blunas Revenge
Iarla Ó Lionáird - I Could Read The Sky
Lutalo "Sweet Lu" Olutosin - Tribute To Greatness
Omar & the Howlers - Boogie Man
The Omega Syndicate - Analogue Waves, Phonosphere, Apocalypse,
O÷phoi - Bardo
Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin
- Templum
OpenCage - Evolve
Trine Opsahl - Somewhere In A Hidden Memory
Roy Orbison
- The Big O: The Original Singles Collection
Orgia Pravednikov - For Those Who Can See Dreams Vol 1, ShitRock
Shota Osabe & Margie Baker -
A Bit Of Jazz And More...
Rich Osborn - Giving Voice: Guitar Explorations
Jeff Oster -
Rebecca Oswald -
- Evolution, Creator, Faces Of The Night

Michael Pagán & Colorado Saxophone Quartet - 12 Preludes & Fugues
Paradiso & Rasamayi - 3rd Eye Rising, Attuning To Oneness
Milica Paranosic - Give To Grow
Graham Parker & The Rumour
- You Can't Be Too Strong
Ray Parker - Swingin' Never Hurt Nobody
Kat Parra & Sephardic Music Experience -
Dos Amantes, ¡Las Aventuras de Pasión!
Kyle Pederson - 12.25
Anatoly Pereslegin -
Download The God, Fastgod: e-psalms, Passion Models, Xenophobia
Ken Peplowski - Noir Blue, In Search Of...
Oscar Perez & Nuevo Comienzo - Afropean Affair
Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Wonderman Years
Dan Phillips BBK Trio With Special Guest Jakob Dinesen - Bangkok Edge
Andy Pickford & Paul Nagle: S.T.D.M.
- Ramayana
Pihr - Reborn
Tan Ping - Paradise
The Reggie Pittman/Loren Daniels Quartet -
Point A to Point A
Planet Z Featuring Susan Aquila • Music by Rob Tomaro
Jake Playmo - My Favourite Toys
Ellynne Plotnick - Life Is Beautiful
Guido Ponzini
- Twilight Town
Jocelyn Pook - Untold Things
Popol Vuh - Future Sound Experience
Porcupine Tree - Stupid Dream
Frank Potenza Trio - Old New Borrowed & Blue
The Jeff Presslaff Trio
- Red Goddess
Mark Prince -
Fraction Of Infinity
Maddy Prior
- Ravenchild, Ballads & Candles, Arthur The Kinsg, Lionhearts
Maddy Prior & The Girls - Bib & Tuck
The Jeff Pryor Band - Loverland
Anatoly Pritsker - Variety
Purple Better One, The - Human Vortex


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Daniel Patrick Quinn - The Winter Hills, Severed From The Land, Ridin' The Stang
Daniel Patrick Quinn & Beano Johnson - Untitled
Reggie Quinerly - Music Inspired By Freedman Town

Rabbit's Hat, The - Outsiders
Michaela Rabitsch & Robert Pawlik Quartet - Moods, Voyagers
Adam Rafferty Trio
- Three Souls
Curt Ramm | Dan Moretti | Bill Cunliffe - Foundations
Scott Ramminger -
Ras.Al.Ghul - Spatial Pulseheight, Sonic Yonic, Sinmatic Layers
Rasal.Asad - Asuna
ReGenesis - Lamb For Supper
Kate Reid - Sentimental Mood, The Love I'm In
Jussi Reijonen -
Kimberley Rew
- Tunnel Into Summer
Riad Abdel-Gawad - Egypt: Mother of the World
Devin Rice & Erin Aas -
Gabriel Riesco Project -
Sculptures In Time
Claire Ritter -
The Stream of Pearls Project [Inspired By Water]
Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali
- A Better Destiny
Ro Sham Beaux - Ro Sham Beaux
Troy Roberts -
Nu-Jive, Nu-Jive 5
Jess Roden & The Humans
- Live At The Robin
Linda Ronstadt - Get Closer
Tim Rose - American Son
Alan Rosenthal - Just Sayin'
Leon Rosselson
- Harry's Gone Fishing
Ellen Rowe Quartet - Wishing Well
Josh Rzepka - Into The Night

Harvie S - Cocolamus Bridge
Sajjad -
Where I Belong
Michel Sajrawy
- Yathrib
Laila Salins - Elevator Into The Sky
John Samorian Featuring Kim Shriver -
Out On A Limb
- Live In London 2000, Paul Samson Live: The Blues Nights
Michael Samson - A Still Motion
Sanda -
Gypsy In A Tree
Phil Sargent -
A New Day
Lia Scallon - Crystal Keys
Peter Scherr -
Son Of August
Stephan Scheuss -
One Pure Soul
Adam Schroeder -
A Handful Of Stars
Matthew Schoening -
Elements (Live and Uncut)
Klaus Schulze
- X Part 1, Dig It, En=Trance, Dreams
Mark Sherman - The L.A. Sessions
Sci Fi Industries
- Dead People On Stylish Chairs
Karl Seglem - New North, Ossicles
Corky Seigel - Solo Flight 1975 - 1980
Serah - Late Harvest
Brian Setzer - Nitro Burnin' Funny Daddy
Gopal Misra Shankar - Out Of Stillness
Shadows, The - The Shadows
Shambhu - Sacred Love: Feel The Journey
Sharon Shannon & Friends
- The Diamond Mountain Sessions
Mark Sheeky - Synaesthesia, The Spiral Staircase, Arcangel, The Incredible Journey, The Flatspace, Animalia, The Four Seasons Of Dance, Stupid Computer Music / The Twelve Seasons / The End And The Beginning [with Steven McLachlan]
Arun Shenoy - Rumbadoodle
Isaac Shepard -
The Renewing
Mark Sherman Quintet -
Live @ The Sweet Rhythm [DVD]
Shiva Shakti - Shiva Shakti
Julian Shore - Filaments
Mark Shreeve - Embryo
Siggi - Check It Out, I Love Ya (Tell Me Why!), Fernes Land, Serious Art, Spuren, Sandstrand, Nasty Mixture, Talk About Love, Beinahe Schmerzhaft, Mercy For All, The Early Tape, Pushing, Not Delivered
Audrey Silver - Dream Awhile
Silveroot - Full Measure, Big Difference
Mike Simmons - Compositions of Stone
Donna Singer - Take The Day Off: Escape With Jazz
Leonid Sinkarenko
- Le Bolero
Valery Siver & Kiryll Trepakov - Midway, Music From The Russian Pages
Harry Skoler - Two Ones
Slagr -
Straum, Stille
Larry Slezak -
No Worries
Kathryn Smith -
With Every Breath I Take
Gary Smulyan -
Smul's Paradise
Sons of the Never Wrong
- One If By Hand
Sophisticated Ladies - A True Story
Sora -
Scorpion Moon
- Lost Soul
Spongetones - Odd Fellows, Oh Yeah, Textural Drone Thing, Where-Ever-Land, Beat & Torn
Bethany Smith Staelens - The Big Bang Theory
- Star*Star
State Of Grace III
Steeleye Span - Horkscow Grange, The Journey, Bedlam Born, They Called Her Babylon
John Stein - Concerto Internacional de Jazz, Green Street, Encounterpoint, Raisin' The Roof, Hi Fly
Peter Sterling - Patterns Of Reflection
Al Stewart
- Down in the Cellar
Stiff Kittens - Greatest Trips
Mary Martin Stockdale
- Timeless
Roman Stolyar - Credo, Missa Apocryph
Rick Stone Trio - Fractals 
- Sleep No More
Stray - Live: In Yer Face!
Streif - Nordic Winter
Michael Stribling -
The Promise, Paradise Lost, Safely in the Arms of Love
StringPlanet - StringPlanet
Joey Stuckey - Mixture
Marshall Styler -
A Face in The Clouds
Joseph Sullinger -
Earth Voyage
Laura Sullivan -
Love's River
Jacqui Sutton -
Billy & Dolly, Notes From The Frontier: A Musical Journey
Takashi Suzuki - Resonance, Cycle
Ann Sweeten
- Sapphire Days, Just This Side Of Spring, In The Wake
Syndromeda - The Alien Abduction Phenomenon, In Touch With The Stars, Creatures From The Inner, Metaphysical Experiences 
Tron Syversen - Peaceful Journey

The Taal Tantra Experience - Sixth Sense
Natsuki Tamura & Satoko Fujii -
Tangerine Dream
- Rockoon, Sohoman, The Great Wall of China, The Bootleg Box Set Vol 1
Kayla Taylor Jazz - You'd Be Surprised
MJ Territo
- Down With Love

Ian Tescee - A Traveler's Guide To MARS
The Summarily Dismissed
- To Each
Fred Thrane -
Angels Of The Sun
Kathryn Tickell & Ensemble Mystical
- Ensemble Mystical
James Todd - Quiet Beauty
Dave Tofani Quartet - Nights At The Inn
Tommys, The
- Grow Fins, Chastity Melts
Tone Bent - Say What You Will
Sumi Tonooka -
Now: Solo Live At The Howland Cultural Center
TP & Company -
Steppe Forward
The Michael Treni Big Band -
Boy's Night Out
Anne Trenning
- All One World, Watching For Rain
Trio Bravo+ - Menschen Am Sonntag, Trio Bravo+
Gary Tu - Look East
Ike & Tina Turner - Ultimum Maximum
Joe Turner - My French Connection
Two Guitars - Bending Time
Tyla Gang, The - Yachtless
Randi Tytingvåg - Let Go, Grounding

Tytingvåg Ensemble - Let Go | Instrumentals

Under The Dome - The Demon Haunted World, Bellerophon, Wot No Colin?
U.O Project - It's Time For U
Uriah Heep
- Sonic Origami
Craig Urquhart - Within Memory, First Light

Freddy V - Easier Than It Looks
Van & Borner
- Miracles
Van DeLecki's, The - Letters From the Desk of Count S. Van Delecki, Ebum Shoobum Shoobum
Vayo - Tango Legends, Tango
Various Artists - ART-i-facts: Great Performances From 40 Years Of Jazz At NEC
- Beyond Me
V/A - Cinema Cafe: The European Film Music Album
V/A - Electroshock Presents Electroacoustic Music Vol 3, ...Electro-acoustic Music Vol 4, ...Electro-acoustic Music Vol 5,...Electroacoustic Music Vol 6, ...Electroacoustic Music Vol 7, ...Electroacoustic Music Vol 8, Electroacoustic Music Vol 9
V/A - Extractions
V/A - Gemini Sun Records Live!
V/A - Gifted: Women of the World
V/A - Grandson of Morris On
V/A - Guests
V/A - Harmonized
V/A - The Kings & Queens of Bollywood
V/A - Music & Elsewhere Audiozine - Spring 2000, United World Underground Audiozine: New Year 2001
V/A - Midland Vol 14
V/A - Morning; Noon; Evening; Night
V/A - Music From Free Creek
V/A - MusicSpecialEdition
V/A - Okefenokee Dreams 2001
V/A - The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Original Soundtrack
V/A - South Africa: Jazzin' & Jivin'
V/A - Spirit of Africa
V/A - Suilven: The First Ten
V/A - The Gathering
V/A - The Roulette Story
V/A - The Sound [Ozella Music comp]
- ThisCo: ThisCology
V/A - United World Underground
V/A - Urban Grooves
V/A - Voices of the Real World
V/A - Yo! Hot Latin Funk From El Barrio
Vittorio Vandelli - A Day Of Warm Rain In Heaven
The Verge - Introducing...
Mia Vermillion -
Alone Together With The Blues
Vicious World -
Plays The Music Of Rufus Wainwright
Geoff Vidal -
She Likes That
Eyal Vilner Big Band -
Introducing The Eyal Vilner Big Band
Vo-Duo -
Nou La
- Ain't No Joke
Alexander Volodin - Reflections of Time, Unfinished Journey
Max Von Richter - Resurrection
Larry Vuckovich - Somethin' Special
VW Brothers - Muziek

David Wahler - A Star Danced
Torben Waldorff -
Kat Walker -
Jazz Skat Gumbo
James E. Wall
- Warm Embrace
Torben Waldorff - American Rock Beauty
Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet -
¡Bien Bien!, To Hear From There
Johnny 'Guitar' Watson - Superman Lover:The Ultimate Collection
Wave Mechanics Union - Second Season, Further To Fly
Shad Weathersby
- Chomp Chomp, The Beaten Path
Leanne Weatherly - Go And Find...
Stan Webb's Chicken Shack
- Still Live After All These Years
Joanna Weinberg - The Piano Diaries
Carl Weingarten
- Panomorphia
- A Different Kind Of Normal
Walt Weiskopf Quartet - Live
Ezra Weiss -
Our Path To This Moment

Jens Wendelboe Big Band -
Fresh Heat
Timothy Wenzel -
A Coalescence Of Dreams
Katja Werker & the Missing Link
- What the Bird Saw
Tim White & Joe Paulino - Inhale Slowly
Simon Wickham-Smith -
Multiple Tongues
David Widelock Trio -
Skating On The Sidewalk
Howard Wiley & The Angola Project Featuring Faye Carol -
12 Gates To The City
Wilfred - Wilfred
Marty Williams -
Long Time Comin'
Brian Wilson
- Presents Pet Sounds Live
Jim Wilson - A Place In My Heart
Phil Wilson & Makoto Ozone - Live
Sarah Wilson - Trapeze Project
Evan Wish -
Forget-Me-Not, Blue
Woody Witt -
Pots And Kettles
WJO (Westchester Jazz Orchestra) -
Maiden Voyage Suite
Mike Wofford/Holly Hofmann Quintet - Turn Signal
Andréa Wood
- Dhyana
William Woods
- Cobalt Blue, A Doctor's Dilemma, Every Part Of Me, The Hear & Now
Bill Wren - One Day In The Life
Bill Wren & Frank Ralls -
Journey Around The Sun: A Mayan Odyssey
Anson Wright & Tim Gilson
- Ukiah's Lullaby
John Wubbenhorst & Facing East - Facing Beloved
Wytold - When Fulvio Finds Celeste

Yes - The Ladder, House of Yes Live From House Of Blues
Yney - Antarctina, Micro Macro
Pamela York - Lay Down This World: Hymns & Spirituals
The Neil C. Young Trio -
El Camino
Renée Yoxon & Mark Ferguson -
Here We Are Again
Shingo Yuji -
Introducing Shingo Yuji

Matthew Zachary - Scribblings, ...Every Step Of The Way
Zen Zadravec Quartet - Coming Of Age
Jennifer Zarine - Fresh Made Cuppa Tea
James Zollar -
Zollar Systems


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